and psychology




psychological well-being is comprised of many factors; one of those factors is

the physical state of our personal environment


many negative emotional and psychological effects can result from being disorganized:


- relationships between household members can become strained and stressful 

when things go missing and when responsibilities are left unmet

due to a disorganized environment


- increased anxiety and intrusive thoughts can result from a lack of

productive systems for time management and task completion


- frustration with a disordered home can lead to

emotional distress 


financial well-being can be negatively affected by disorder in the household:


 - late fees piling up when bills aren't paid on time


- buying superfluous replacements for items you own but can't find


- credit scores negatively impacted by missed payments


improving the state of one's space is a simple and effective way of clearing a cluttered mind:


- worries and anxieties seem to melt away when

efficient systems are in place for getting things done


- relationships with other members of the household improve when everyone knows

where things belong, and how to locate what they need


- frustrations dissolve when time and money are no longer wasted due to disorganization


- financial concerns are tempered when bills and other payments are paid on time

jewelry storage and organization
jewelry storage and organization

"Until Alex came over and reorganized, I never realized how much an organized apartment helped reduce my stress - I am once again able to really enjoy my home."