"WOW - I had no idea how much being organized could restore my sanity and happiness. Alex was understanding, helpful and fun - with her help, not only were we able to organize our house, but she gave us great tips to stay neat and organized even after she left!"


are you tired of wondering where your stuff is? 

wasting time and money going out to purchase something you know you own but you just can’t find?

are you overwhelmed with items that are no longer useful, but you don’t know where to start?


spruce will work with you to sort, purge, edit and remove unwanted items from your home

we will create an organizing system that works for you and your household, to give your belongings an efficient and functional place

we will teach you techniques to maintain the newly implemented organizing systems

whether a small space or the whole house has become unmanageable, spruce professional organizers work to restore a sense of serenity and peace to your environment 

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