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frequently asked questions

"Over time our fun little apartment was turning into an overstuffed closet. With Alex's help, we were able to get rid of stuff we forgot we even had, and now I can finally find what I'm looking for. Alex reduced our clutter so much, I was able to find space for my favorite armchair from college!"

what are the benefits of hiring a professional organizer?


to incorporate structure and order to your home


to minimize clutter, get rid of things you don’t use/need/like/want


to keep things in their place, so you can always find your stuff when you need it


to have the guidance and assistance of a skilled professional, who is courteous, respectful and empathic


to maintain a low stress living environment


to prepare for upcoming life changes: a new baby, change in living arrangements, or new responsibilities


a spruce professional organizer will work with you to develop the skills you need to maintain an efficient and organized home


how long will it take?


the timeline for each project varies 


a spruce professional organizer will walk you through the details and projected timeline of your project


email us at to get started 


how does a typical project work?


projects begin with a free phone consultation

we listen to your unique organization concerns and issues

we will set up an on-site assessment to meet with you and begin designing a plan of action

we will discuss confidentiality and privacy

then we will begin organizing, decluttering, editing belongings and implementing functional techniques for your home

we finish by ensuring you are completely comfortable and satisfied, and have developed an effective skill set to maintain

an organized and efficient life